I found it: Thank you Melissa Marr

I was desperate for inspiration. I wanted to write something and just had no clue what to write about. After googling and typing the words “Inspire me” in every and each search bar…it came to me. It came in ” ” and carrying with it, the sentence I needed to hear. The sentence that freed me from the feeling of guilt. You’re probably asking yourself why I feel guilty..
It’s not really something that serious…don’t worry.It’s these books I’m reading. These 3 books:
One in English and two other in German. I started the two German ones, before the English and then I just didn’t want to continue them. The problem now is that these two books are borrowed from someone who recommended them and who apparently expects me to read them and tell him my opinion. I just don’t feel like it…
And I’ve been carrying this sense of guilt for weeks now. To be honest I haven’t been into reading this week or even the week before. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m just too busy with the new internship and everything else I have to do… the presentations and the writing etc. I’m just feeling obligated to read them. And i feel like i’m forcing myself. 

But to my rescue today, I stumbled over this wise quote in my search for inspiration. 

“Life is too short to read books that I’m not enjoying.” 
― Melissa Marr

 Obviously I knew this…I just needed someone to remind me of it…the quote was staring at me, as if knowing the sense of guilt that I’ve been struggling with. 
So thank you Melissa Marr, for reminding me of this. 

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